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New regulations

From now we will take all the pictures as before but in the gallery only a small sample will be available. If you would like to order your pictures from a competition, please use the order form or write a message to Thank you!

How do I find my pictures?

Finding pictures is easy! Go to the Fitnessandmass website and find the current competition gallery.

How many pictures will I get?

Depends on many ingredients.
For example: If you get to the first callout at least 5-10 photos, but if you're in the top six or you win your category it can be 30-50 photos. The goal is - of course - to get as many photos in perfect quality as possible.

How much time it will take to get photos?

For a small competition usually 2-3 days.
For a big competitions 12-15 days.
Very important, processing of photos begins after the last day of the competition.

Where can I see the photos before buy?

You can see pictures in the galleries of Fitnessandmass website after the competition.

What payment options are available?

At the competition you can only pay with cash.
If you want to pay before/after the competition you can pay bank-transfer or PayPal.
You can order online before or after the competition: Picture buy / Pre-order

Can we personally meet?

Of course this is possible both at the registration and at the competition.

Can I buy photos of past competitions?

Yes of course. It is the same process.

How does the copyright work?

When you purchase a digital file you are also purchasing the Right to Use the photo. Basically, you get to use it for personal use like making prints and social media sites. For commmercional use, plase contact us.

If you have any other issues or question, please contact us.

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